PODCASTING Equipment Upgrade


By now, I’m sure you’re hooked on WinCAM’s new podcast, Viewfinder. Well, you’ll be happy to know that there are currently two new member-produced podcasts in production!

Be on the lookout for a podcast version of Heather Poduska’s Thrive! Television show and Chris Durham and Katie Panniello have teamed up on a new podcast called Comic Talk. Look for episodes of these new shows in the coming weeks on the WinCAM Podcast Network

To make this experience even better, we’re happy to announce that we’ve upgraded the podcasting equipment in studio B. We’ve purchased a Mackie ProFX mixer and five new Shure PGA27 cardiod microphones.

These components, along with a headphone amplifier and mic stands make for a great sounding production and a smooth, professional look. Getting started with your own podcast is easy! Just email David

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