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This one-on-one or small group course offers 5-7 sessions (90 minutes each) of individualized in-person instruction with industry standard video editing software. You’ll learn all the necessary skills to get started and leave having completed a polished edit. Email our Training Coordinator, Kayla, to schedule your sessions and get started.

Why Learn Adobe Creative Cloud?

Premiere Pro is one of the top video editing programs used by professionals.

Since it is an Adobe product, Premiere integrates with other industry standard programs such as After Effects for visual effects and motion graphics and Adobe Audition for Audio Editing.

Boost your resume and technical filmmaking skills!

“According To LinkedIn’s 2021 Job Listings search, 230,000 jobs in the US require Adobe skills, while only 3,982 jobs require knowledge of other digital platforms.”

What You'll Learn

File Organization Best Practices

Basic Picture Cutting and Techniques

Synching Sound and Basic Sound Design through Adobe Audition Dynamic Linking

Graphics and Key-Frame Animation in Premiere

Color Grading in Premiere

How to edit a film scene from start to finish

Course Materials

Both tracks will go over the fundamentals of editing. These tracks, however, give you the option to not only edit the type of content you are more interested in, but get direct advice on what the best approaches are to editing those specific genres. For instance, editing for scripted content has a greater focus on adapting to a pre-existing structure (the script) whereas documentary-style content relies on creating that narrative structure within the editing room. The process will differ between them.

Course Breakdown

Track 1: Narrative Filmmaking | 5 sessions (90 min.) – $325

For those that are more interested in Narrative Filmmaking, you may choose to take this course by editing a scripted scene from a film. This is great for those that have an interest in editing their own short films, scripted commercials or other fictional content.

Track 2: Documentary Style | 5 sessions (90 min.)  – $325

For those that are more interested in documentaries or lifestyle content, you may choose to take this course by editing an informational video (with interview and b-roll footage). This is great for those that have an interest in editing documentaries, lifestyle content such as videos for social media, or broader videos that detail a person, place or thing such as yourself, a business, etc.

Want to take both Tracks? | 7 Sessions (90 min.) – $455

You can take both tracks for this course by adding an additional 2 days to create your second video using the materials not previously used in the course.

“I’d always been interested in video editing with little idea of how to get started. The barriers to entry seemed insurmountable…tuition costs, time commitment, software / technology expense, etc. The WinCam Adobe Premiere course perfectly answered all of my concerns with a quick, cost-effective, high impact course on a flexible schedule. They tailored their pace to my learning style and allowed adequate practice time. I can hardly wait to get started on my next editing project. Thank you, Kayla and team!!!”


Lauren Herrmann

WinCAM Members Get

Use of our equipment (cameras, tripods, lights, etc.)

Use of our facilities such as the green screen studio, podcast room, editing computers, and more

Access to the entire Adobe Creative Cloud on-site (valued at $600 per year)

Post Class Resources


Keyboard Shortcut Guide

File Organization Guide

Project and Export Settings Guides

WinCAM membership for one year granting access to facilities and equipment

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