Meet the WinCAM Team

Supporting Unique Expression and Big Ideas through Community Media

We are a team of media professionals with a passion for sharing the art of video production. Each of us brings years of experience and passion for what we do.


We believe in giving back to our community. We believe in creating programming that educates, entertains and provides value to the community. We pride ourselves as being good at what we do – and it’s way beyond media. At WinCAM, we’re good at people.

Meet the Team

  • Maeve Rondeau
  • Dane Sellards Production & Programming Coordinator

Meet the Board of Directors

  • Melodie Wing
    Melodie Wing President
    • Allan Eyden
      Allan Eyden Treasurer
      • Shawn Macannuco
        Shawn Macannuco Clerk
        • Wei Han
          Wei Han
          • Linda Doucette
            Linda Doucette
            • Ruba Gnanaratnam
              Ruba Gnanaratnam
              • Andrea Zampitella
                Andrea Zampitella
                • Peter Pongratz
                  Peter Pongratz
                  • Robert Tedesco
                    Robert Tedesco

                    The Sky’s the Limit for Winchester residents

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