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Bring Your Unique Idea to Life

WinCAM offers classes and personalized training in all stages in the art of studio and field production. We work with all ages and skill levels.

Contributing to your Community

Start your membership today to showcase your talents and interests. Connect with other members. Learn from our dedicated staff. It’s all here for you.

WinCAM doesn’t work like a typical television station. We’re a small, non-profit, grassroots organization. To grow and evolve, we depend on our membership to create content and help to produce coverage of town events.

As a member, you become an active participant in recording the history of the town. You help to create local, diverse, valuable content for the residents of Winchester.

Start Slow or Hit the Ground Running

Our goal is to make learning production simple. You’ll get an individualized and targeted learning experience. Your participation is based on your personal goals and interests. For those interested in deeper learning, we offer more advanced production concepts.

From the very basic to the highly-advanced, WinCAM has the gear and the knowledge to make you look like a pro.


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Flexible, Inclusive Membership

With access to expert training and helpful support, you’ve always got help when you need it. You will work alongside seasoned members and staff, and learn by doing.

As a member of WinCAM, you decide how much you’re involved, and you work at your own pace. Want to create programming with other members? Great! Are you more interested in working solo, focused on your own show and your own creative process? We support that too.

WinCAM Membership is Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

You take what you need, and leave the rest. We’re always happy to have you.

Create your own programs. Work with other members and staff on existing productions. Or join us to experience an exciting, local organization. Surround yourself with creative, friendly individuals. Learn new skills and develop new interests.

WinCAM is a resource for Winchester residents. And we have a place for you.

Help us create informative, entertaining, quality local content. Select a category and get involved today!

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