Adobe Course FAQs

How can I access Adobe after the course?

The price of the course includes a year membership to WinCAM which allows you access to our facilities and the Adobe Creative Cloud on our machines. To use Adobe products at home, you will have to purchase your own license.


Where should I store my files?

WinCAM recommends using a personal external hard drive or thumb drive to safely store your files. Storing your files on an external device will allow you to access your files on any computer.


Will I have access to the files we used in the course after I have completed it?

Yes, and you will be given post course materials to help you continue editing as outlined above.


Does WinCAM accept credit cards?

WinCAM prefers cash or check, however, we are able to process credit card payments. Payment is due on the first session.


How do I get a scholarship if I need one?

When you email our training coordinator, mention your need for a scholarship. One of our staff members will be in touch with you to go over those details.


When is this course offered?

This course is offered year round with two completion options. 1) Complete the course in one week with five sessions (M-F). 2) Complete the course in five weeks with one session a week. You will give your time preferences in the sign-up form, and our instructor will schedule the sessions from there.


What is the maximum course size?

Each session will have no more than three students. The session is $325 per student.


When is WinCAM open?

WinCAM is open Monday-Thursday 11am-7pm and Friday 11am-5pm.


Is this course open to non-Winchester residents?

At this time WinCAM’s policy states that members must be Winchester residents.


Who should I contact with further questions?

You can email our Training and Outreach Coordinator, as well as course instructor, Kayla Avitabile. Learn more about Kayla on “Our People” page.

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