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Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been fortunate enough to attend four Super Bowls in my life. My wife, Jana, got a job with the New England Patriots about 12 years ago and I’ve been reaping the fringe benefits ever since. I saw them lose to the Giants in Arizona. Then I saw them lose to the Giants in Indianapolis. After that one, I swore I was bad luck and I’d never go back to another one – but I did. I witnessed perhaps the greatest Super Bowl of all time when the Patriots beat the Seahawks in Arizona and I definitely witnessed the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history last year in Houston against the Falcons.

So the Patriots have battled their way back to the big game and I’m gearing up for the trip to frigid Minneapolis. But this time there’s a twist. You see, Jana works in digital media, which means she works closely with a lot of the press coverage of the game and all the hype leading up to it. I’ve often witnessed these productions but the creative side of me wants to jump in there and help out. This year, I’m going to get that chance.

I’m happy to say that I’ll be working with the Kraft Sports Productions team on their latest project – the Not Done Network. Setting up a studio in a vacant space in the Mall of America, Not Done Network will provide 24 hour streaming coverage of the team for the six days leading up to the game, starting with live coverage of the sendoff rally Monday at 9am EST. Viewers will be able to see the coverage on, or on YouTube or Twitter. And while I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing as part of this crew, I know I’ll be on the set in Minneapolis Monday morning.

I thought it was only fair to share this once in a lifetime experience with all you WinCAM fans, so I’ll be documenting my experience here on Keep checking back to get updates on my progress and hopefully I can bring back some production tips for all you local producers. We want you always watching WinCAM content…but this week, we’ll make an exception. #notdone

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  • Linda Doucette

    Hi Dave. We saw the studio on the news tonight. How exciting! Enjoy.

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