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Last week, at their monthly meeting, the WinCAM Board of Directors approved revisions to the Policies & Procedures Manual. As you likely remember, this is the document that explains to members how WinCAM works and what they might expect from our services. This is the document you’re given and instructed on during your Orientation session. Every once in a while, this document needs to be updated to reflect changes in procedure or equipment.

Most of the recent changes have to do with adding language for using the online portal for membership registration or equipment & facilities reservation. However, there are a few changes we wanted to highlight so that you’re aware of them.

  • Members are no longer allowed to change the configuration of lighting in Studio A. Lighting technology has changed so that movement of the lights in the main studio will rarely be necessary. We are also trying to be protective of the lighting around the green screen virtual set area, as that lighting needs to be very precise. If you do find yourself needing to move a light, simply ask one of the staff members. If we agree it’s necessary, we’ll gladly do it for you.
  • Maximum size of files stored on edit computers has been raised from 250 GB to 450 GB. We’ve found that members are hitting the maximum file size too often, so we decided to raise it to a more appropriate amount. Hopefully this will ease member production somewhat.
  • Minimum available storage in field cameras increased from 8 GB to 32 GB. All the field cameras now record on SD cards, and all of the cards we own are 32 GB. WinCAM will ensure each member has at least one clear card for a shoot. It is incumbent upon the member, however, to make sure the card is clean!
  • Language added to include Blu Ray and other HD formats. Most members know they get 3 free DVD copies of whatever they produce. This policy is modified so that newer record formats are also covered.

If you’d like to see the changes for yourself, you can view or download the form HERE. If you have any questions, please feel free to email davidg@wincam.org or simply stop by and ask!

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