In a small, social organization like WinCAM, it’s really the people that matter. That can be said of our members, the people in the community that we deal with regularly and the staff. Our staff lost a valued member a few weeks ago when Anthony Gaimari left his post and relocated to the West Coast. Anthony had been employed by WinCAM for close to seven years and his engaging personality and helpful demeanor was something we all came to count on. But as young people sometimes do, Anthony was inspired to seek something different and we all wish him the very best of luck. Anthony was an asset to this company, but luckily, he remains a friend. This has caught a few of our members by surprise, as we’ve had some come in to express how much they wish they had had the chance to see him off. In truth, Anthony is no proponent of fanfare and he left on his own terms. He wouldn’t have wanted to be the center of attention and that’s why we didn’t give him a huge sendoff. I’ve spoken with him a few times since he left for L.A. and he’s doing quite well. I’m happy to pass along any well wishes if you’d like to share them.


We are very pleased to announce that we have hired Justin Katz as our new Education & Public Access Coordinator at WinCAM. The position is slightly different from the Media Coordinator position that Anthony had, but Justin will still be in charge of scheduling the public channel and the education channel. Justin will also have the duties of handling after-school activities with students at all the different schools in Winchester. Justin is a native of Stoneham, and has worked with WinCAM on several occasions including the production of municipal meetings and working with kids groups during the summer. Because he’s finishing his degree in Communications at Fitchburg State this fall, he’ll be with us part time until his classes wrap up in December. We feel that Justin will make a great addition to our staff and we’re excited to have him take on a larger role.



This shift will also mean a new role for Tyler Graham Stevens, who has been the Production Specialist at WinCAM for the last two years. Tyler will become the Government Access Coordinator, taking on the additional responsibilities of producing content for the government channel and doing the scheduling for it as well. Tyler will also see some expanded hours at WinCAM and will continue to support members with his wealth of production knowledge.


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