The upgrades in Studio A are now complete! WinCAM now boasts an HD production switcher and four HD cameras for studio production. Two of the cameras are traditional, manually operated stations, and two are remote controlled cameras, allowing for large or small crews. Producers may now choose from traditional sets or new virtual sets, using our green screen wall.

     A great example of the new capabilities can be seen in WinCAM’s 2017 Town Election Coverage. While it looks as though Allan and Alan are sitting on an expensive set, they’re actually sitting at a folding table in front of the green screen wall. WinCAM members will be able to design and build their own sets with our virtual set editor software too!

     But if you’re not into virtual sets, you can swing the cameras around and shoot against the curtains on the other side. A good example of this is Aiden Rood’s America Tonight – one of the very first productions we recorded in the new studio. 

     We worked really hard to balance the need to have as many options as possible for our members with having a system that is easily taught and learned. With that in mind, Suzette is hard at work designing an all-new training course for Studio A and the dates will be announced soon.

     In the meantime, you really need to check it out. Stop by and take a tour…you’ll be amazed at what this new system can do. 

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